Accident Repairs

Car Service in Cardiff
At Dave Prance we know how important car servicing is in order to keep your vehicle going. Our full service can find many problems before they become huge issues and end up costing you a lot more money. Because we know that in the current financial climate you may be looking for the cheapest option out there, we offer both minor and full [car servicing in Cardiff, Penarth and Cowbridge.

Accident Repairs in Penarth & Cowbridge
We carry out accident repair work so that if you have a bump or a scrape your car will leave our garage looking brand new. Within our range of services we also fit brakes so that you are safe on the roads. Overtime they can become less effective and it is very important to have them checked regularly as poor brakes can dramatically affect the tyre wear and handling.

Minor & Major Servicing
Our minor service involves a series of checks and will replace the fuel and oil filters. This type of service will benefit cars with a lower mileage that do not necessarily need to have the full works.

However, to get the maximum benefit, the full package includes more checks and changes including replacement of the fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, oil filter and an oil change. This option also includes checks for wear and tear on vehicle parts and we will provide each client with a report so they can see what condition each part is in.

At Dave Prance we have the experience to fit quality exhaust parts or whole exhaust systems with a full manufacturers guarantee. If the correct exhaust part for your vehicle isn’t in stock then we will order and fit it the same day.

Our fully trained technicians are also fully qualified to carry out full exhaust system inspections. If you are concerned about the condition of your exhaust system then bring your car in and we will inspect it for free. If any work is needed then we will replace the parts as necessary, giving you a full detailed quote before carrying out any work.